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About Us


We are located in the city of Orlando, in the sunshine state, Florida. We are a family who breeds and raises french and english bulldogs from our own home. 

We love and pamper every single one of our puppies from day one, until a new home is found. 

We specialize in English and French bulldogs, both standard and exotic types.

We have been raising English bulldogs for the past 15 years, and thoroughly enjoy the breed with its friendly, laid back demeanor, loads of wrinkles and very little barking.  We spend the majority of the day with the litters and the dogs out in our backyard. After 20 years of being around bulldogs, Our experience is a valuable asset to anyone who gets a pup from  We work to raise healthy bulldogs with good conformation and personality, but in the event an unforeseen health problem arises, has a year guarantee on genetic issues. We welcome visits of prospective buyers who want to meet our pups and their parents in person, as well as check out our operation.  For those who are too far away, we can send pictures and an occasional video clip.  We have many satisfied families who are enjoying a

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